Level 4 – Mentorship (Referral Rate)

Level 4 - Mentorship (Referral Rate)


A 50 Hour Mentorship Program to support you on your ongoing journey teaching Yin Yoga & Mindfulness Meditation in greater depth with the intention of teaching at a renewed skill level with depth and clarity to becoming a confident teacher developing content of your own. This course is for the experienced teacher and newer teachers to these styles of yoga and all dedicated yoga practitioners. Sarah will share the skills and applications she has learned to design, schedule and present classes and courses through Yin Yoga, Somatics, Myofascial Release, Meditation, Mindfulness and Restorative Yoga. A thoroughly comprehensive course empowering you with a skill set enabling you to teach a creative variety of highly inclusive classes for all ages.

Regular Early Bird Course fee total £790 payable in 2 instalments.
Deposit of £395 non refundable fee for everyone.

Balance of £295 is payable by 1 August, 2022. (DISCOUNT OF £100 INCLUDED HERE)

Regular price of £890 after August 1st.

Curricula will cover:- 

  • Yin & Yang Yoga practices through an integrated practice of Somatic movement, Restorative & Yin Yoga.
  • Creative Class sequencing.
  • Level 4 Digital Training Manual.
  • Presentation and teaching skills in-depth - articulation and body language.
  • Course Program & Workshop Design.
  • Group & Team Management.
  • Leadership Skills.
  • Imposter syndrome.
  • Setting healthy boundaries with students
  • The consultancy process of how to write creatively.
  • Working with your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Scheduling.
  • Zoom and in studio presentation.
  • Recording & Publishing Videos.
  • Publishing & Printing Digitally.
  • Equipment.
  • Negotiating your worth.
  • The Level 4 sessions are live over 5 weeks from November to January 2023.
  • Those assisting will also receive additional weekly mentoring during a training.
  • Mentorship is limited to small groups only.

Live Zooms: Saturdays:  12,19, 26 November & Dec 3, 2022 & January 12, 2023.
2-4:30pm GMT

This program includes the opportunity for ‘on the job’ training by attending at least 2 of the new 50 hour teaching training programs from Levels 1, 2 or 3.  

Open only to previous graduates of Sarah Lo’s Yin Yoga programs.