Enjoy simple techniques on how to relieve trigger points with myofascial release, targeting specific acupressure points. All within a yin yoga practice to enhance its benefits.

You will be led through a practice to enhance the flow of qi through the corresponding meridian lines, including how to locate and activate some of the most powerful acupressure points to enable an improved circulation of energy as well as alleviate specific symptoms. There will be also be a focus on freeing the breath in Mindfulness Meditation.

The workshop is taught through visual slides followed by a yoga sequence that you will be able to enjoy as well as teach.

“I have never done a practice where I’ve felt so relaxed with a lightness of being.”.

The heart, the ‘queen’ of our emotions and the one when in balance allows us to feel a deeper sense of ease and satisfaction in our lives, what we could come to learn as our version of happiness. When it is out of balance it can affect every aspect of our lives.

▶️A 3+ hour long workshop on the properties and practice on the bilateral Heart/Small Intestine Meridian energy sequence and blood flow working with myofascial release balls, acupressure and Yin Yoga practice.

▶️An opportunity to refresh and practice Yin Yoga postures enhancing Heart Qi whilst using myofascial release balls, acupressure massage and sequencing for the Heart and Small Intestine Meridian energy.

▶️Integrating identifying some of the key acupressure points of this organ pair which connect the meridian pathways where tension and pain often accumulate. Learn how to release your bodies natural endorphins through myofascial release to encourage a healthier flow of energy and help balance accompanying emotional imbalances.

▶️Enjoy a led Body Scan of the Heart/Small Intestine meridian Qi flow.

▶️An opportunity to learn and practice a standing Mindfulness Meditation and how to integrate this into both your teaching and daily practice.

For this workshop you’ll need:-

- 2 tennis balls or massage balls
- A pair of soft socks
- 2-4 yoga bricks
- 1 Soft Myofascial release Ball or equivalent Pilates Ball – Amazon UK
18cm or 23 cm will do. Approx cost is £5. This will be SO worth your while in using for many aspects of         your yin yoga practice.
- Clean feet!

You'll receive a pdf immediately on booking containing the Video link to this workshop with unlimited access.