I have been teaching for a long time in all types of yoga and feel like I have found the missing piece of the jigsaw. I really enjoyed the mindfulness aspect of the course. Also the different bodies, bone structures and how this may affect an individuals ability to be at ease in postures. An old friend recommended the course and it was a very good recommendation. Thank you, Sarah. Thank you very much.

The demonstrations were really helpful to understand different body types. I loved the exercises we do in groups it really helped me to develop relationships with the other people on the course. Exactly what I needed right now, it has been hugely grounding and inspiring so thank you. I look forward to level 2.

Really good demonstrations with different body types this reaffirmed how crucial props are. The experience of the physical postures and meditations helped me to gain a deeper understanding to help me be a better teacher. The pace of the course really added to my experience I look forward to learning more about the Chinese meridians, the mind and soft tissues. Thank you, Sarah and your team

The explanation of the meridians really worked for me. The flow of the days was done well to help get the knowledge into my head. It was great to get some practical experience in groups to see different body types and put techniques into practice. I loved the meditations and structure of the course. The encouragement to rest and enjoy the space was greatly appreciated. The past four days have been an eye-opening experience. Loved it all.

I found the small practical groups very helpful with understanding different body shapes/types and different use of props to give a wonderful yin experience very beneficial. I loved the opportunity to stop to use the time for introspection in a gentle, kind and compassionate way. The pace of the course was wonderful to help me understand the topics fully. Thank you. I loved it

Enjoyed learning the connections between the organs and meridians, how that benefits the physical body. Small group teaching was really helpful to get more experience verbalising but not intimidating either. The mindfulness meditation and breathing every day was really grounding and a useful tip for teaching. Many variations and adjustments for all body types including areas that may need extra attention. Thank you.

Sarah, You delivered such a complex subject with such ease and creativity. I never felt bored and only more inspired. Everything you said was very thought provoking and touched me to my core. Your calm presence is amazing. I have learnt from you how to be caring with clear boundaries. Your teaching methods were unique and the way the whole course was aligned and structured was so wonderful and insightful, very much like a retreat. Thank you so much! Jemima

“Absolutely magical, loved so many aspects!” You were so compassionate and really nurtured everyone’s needs. I loved the mindfulness meditation practices centred everyone and gave me tranquillity in the hustle and bustle of London. The whole course was carefully thought out and you were very didactic with your explanations, handouts and answered questions thoughtfully. I am fascinated visualizations and it reminded me of the power they have. Thank you so much Sarah, it has been a wonderful course. Sarah

I really have not felt like this in a long time so thank you for holding space for us and for creating a wonderful program. This training felt extremely intimate and a safe space and haven. I loved all the mindfulness practices. It’s been an honour to share space and energy with you. Thank you so much again. Salma

I enjoyed the structure of the training, it was well designed to hold my interest and very informative as well. I am grateful for the care and time provided to rest, to learn without pressure, I think I learnt way more and managed to incorporate the teachings more deeply. Thank you for the meditations I normally can’t sit for 12mins but enjoyed the deepness of the themes. Appreciate your guidance.   Anonymous

I found the combination of mindfulness, meridian theory, anatomy and Yin practice made this a really well rounded course. I appreciated all the moment of sharing, this helped me to check in with how I was feeling and felt more connected to people in the room. Thank you for your teachings, wisdom, dedication, consideration and care. Lizzie

I’ve really enjoyed the variety on the course. I feel more confident to teach. The schedule of the day was great, really appreciated the later start time and long lunch. Sarah, I love your gentle nature and how you share your experiences. Can’t wait for level two. Thank you Lauren

I really enjoyed the space to express our own self, to enquire within. Sharing helped to build confidence. The rhythm/timing of the day was perfect. Your approach to Yin yoga is and feels very safe. Anonymous

Amazing transformational. Loved the mindfulness and your shared experience. The days never felt pressured and the environment and students always felt “held”. Thank you Informative yet restful four days. Really pleasurable experience, very well paced. The combination of yin and mindfulness worked perfectly together. I feel confident to teach Yin with many resources to draw from. Erika

I really enjoyed the mindfulness aspect of the course and how it was thought from a basic breath awareness to the “ labelling ”of feelings. I have got to know Yin on a deeper level and feel confident enough to lead my students with support. Sheila