A brand new exciting 50 Hour Yin Yoga & Mentoring Teacher Training program to support you on your journey teaching Yin Yoga & Mindfulness Meditation in greater depth with the intention of leading workshops and courses. Sarah will share all of the skills and applications she has learned to design, schedule and present classes and courses.

Curricula will cover 

  • Yin Yoga & Mindfulness practices – subtle practices.
  • Presentation and teaching skills in-depth. 
  • Group Management.
  • Leadership Skills.
  • The consultancy process of how to write creatively.
  • How to schedule your teaching in accordance with your lifestyle and time capacity.
  • Zoom and in studio presentation.
  • Recording Videos.
  • Publishing online videos.
  • Publishing digitally online.
  • Equipment needed to teach online and in studio.
  • Travelling and teaching.
  • Negotiating your worth.

The course will be delivered in recordings over a period of 5 weeks in November 2022. 

Live interactive sessions will take place each Sunday for hourly Q&A and breakout sessions.
3-5pm GMT.


You will also have the opportunity for additional ‘on the job’ training sessions prior to live trainings and by assisting in at least 2 teaching training programs if Sarah feels you are ready to assist at that level. Separate applications and CVs of yoga history will be necessary for this. These timings will be set with the assisting team.

Open only to previous graduates of Sarah Lo’s Yin Yoga Levels 1-3 programs. Applicants can register their interest below. Application does not guarantee acceptance onto the program.

The course will include personal feedback and guidance from Sarah on your teaching presentation and delivery through your own video presentation. 

Students under the Mentoring program who assist on the new 50 Hour Yin Yoga & Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Trainings will also receive updated recordings, material and the latest teacher training manual repeating the trainings at no additional cost.

To qualify for the full 200 Hour Certification in Yin Yoga & Mindfulness Meditation, you will need to have studied all of the latest 50 Hour recordings. This can be made up of assisting hours too in these programs. The individual Qi Yin Yoga workshops on demand can also contribute to your hours to qualify for this.

(Please list the months, year and hours of certification when you took Sarah's Levels 1-3 trainings, Sarah's current online workshop day intensives can be included towards your 200-hour Certification)

Level 4 – Yin Yoga & Mentoring Training 
Coming in November 2022 online.
13, 20, 27 November & Dec 4th 2022

Reservation with deposit now open here

Applicants graduate after assisting on at least 2 new 50 hour Yin Yoga & Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Trainings where they will receive continued mentoring and support.  Some assistants will already qualify for this portion having assisted in the new online programs with recordings.nbsp;