Frequently Asked Questions

Please read these frequently asked questions which can answer many of your queries regarding the suitability of Yin Yoga & Mindfulness Meditation training and coaching or mentoring.

Please see my blog post What is Yin Yoga?

Yin Yoga & Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Training – Level I
You do not need to have had attended a prior yin yoga teacher training for the yin intensive I ‘Fundamental Skills’ course, but you will need to have a strong motivation to want to learn yin yoga and the related fields of study on this course, and have read and familiarised yourself with the recommended reading ‘Insight Yoga’ by Sarah Powers and/or Bernie Clark’s Second Edition on Yin Yoga prior to taking the course. It would be highly advisable to have taken some yin classes prior to embarking on this intensive as well as having a dedicated yoga practice of at least two years. This course is not intended for students who do not have a yoga practice.

Yin Yoga Teacher Training Levels 2 & 3
In order to be eligible to attend Level 2 & 3 training you will need to have attended an approved foundation yin yoga teacher training course.

Yes you can. If you are a yoga student with a dedicated and consistent yoga practice you are able to attend the course to deepen your knowledge and experience and your own professional and self development. If you are a professional in a related field you may also be interested in how to weave your new skills into a yin yoga practice for yourself and your clients too. You may not be qualified to teach Yin Yoga as a Yoga Teacher until you have completed a 200 hour basic yoga teacher training program, depending where you intend to teach. In this instance you will still receive a certificate of attendance for this course. If you have already attained your basic 200 hour teacher training, your hours from this course are eligible as continuing professional development points depending on the yoga body you are registered with. You will need to check the terms with your own professional body and the insurance requirements to be able to teach with your particular insurer.

Required Reading
Please purchase a hard copy of the book ‘Insight Yoga’ by Sarah Powers and Mindfulness by Mark Williams and Danny Penman prior to your course. Second hand copies are a good option too.

Required Viewing
Please view at least one DVD or online course of Paul Grilley’s prior to the course.

Additional Reading
Please also read the additional recommended book list in advance of the course to best prepare for your learning.

All the links are provided in the section under the relevant training you are registering for.

The courses are made up of contact and non contact hours.  Please refer specifically to the course you are signing up for as there may be variations between courses depending where it is being held.

Yin Yoga –  Level 1
The assignment for this course is due within one month of the end of the course. You will need to submit your assignment directly to Sarah Lo via email.

Yin Yoga – Level 3
The particular requirements for this course are sent to you by email upon registration. There are 2 book reports required for this training and all details are set out clearly for you in the confirmation email.

Post training
If there is insufficient time to complete the assignment prior to the start of the training itself you will have approximately one month to complete the written assignment after the training to be eligible for the 100 hour certification having completed all 3 levels of yin training with Sarah Lo directly.  No extensions permissible.

Your assignment will need to have demonstrated that you have dedicated the necessary time outside of the live teaching hours to show sufficient understanding of your reading and research on the recommended texts, readings and viewing.

Please read the course description carefully so that you understand what you are signing up for.  The courses are very experiential in nature and there will be a mixture of lectures and practices throughout the day.

We cannot take responsibility for your decision to withdraw from a course should it not be to your liking or understanding.  Much of the work we do in these Yin Yoga Teacher Trainings is self-development work and will require your willingness and commitment to want to learn and practice in this way.

As this is an online intensive there will not be the opportunity for any personal mentoring during the course itself.

Yes Sarah Lo is a registered teacher trainer with Yoga Alliance USA and UK. The trainings are recognised qualifications worldwide. Your hours can be used towards your continuing professional development or education units. You will need to check with your own professional body how to log your hours for advancement.

To obtain a yin yoga certificate of completion for the particular course you are attending, you will need to have attended 100% of the training to comply with Yoga Alliance requirements.

Provided you have maintained your commitment to the course, you will be given an opportunity to resubmit your assignment within a 2 week time frame. All assignments must be submitted directly to

With the first part of my 100 hour training we cover the short Yin sequence and anatomy of the hip joint with particular attention to growing your own interoception of safety. Hypermobility is covered within the context of the curriculum and the particular yin asanas covered.

It’s not possible of course to give individual instruction to any one student in a large group training with a vast amount of subject matter to cover. The course is interactive in that cameras are live and there will be dedicated question and response time, small group work and dyad time. At each level of the training the course develops in depth and understanding of how to teach yin yoga safely.  Depending of course on your reasons for presentation of hypermobility, this would very much determine what would be more appropriate for you as a personal practice i.e. when and where to strengthen and stabilise and when or how best to stretch. If it is skeletal variation in terms of your own natural ability to access a greater range of motion without pain or destabilising your particular joint or joints, or a condition within your connective tissue or due to an injury would very much determine your own best practices. This is a course about learning to teach yin yoga safely and practicing safely not individual tuition.

It is important to realise that just because we can’t access full ranges of motions it doesn’t mean we can’t teach well. Sometimes the most injured teachers or the ones with the least mobility are the best teachers to pass on their experiences clearly.

Time converter – please use the time converter to find out the time in your own country. Most trainings and workshops are based on GMT or London timing.

I am glad you are looking into Yin Yoga trainings and the possibility of being coaching or mentored.  With an integrated Mindfulness approach the practices are truly transformative and I am only able to say this after some years having followed the lives and feedback from hundreds of students following and practicing this approach.

Please do read more about the coaching and mentoring side of things which are open to anyone who has attended my trainings.  Not all are yoga teachers.  

Currently Sarah can only accept those who have attended her trainings after completion of Level 2 who already have a base of knowledge and practice. Please write to her directly if you wish to apply for future support in this way.

This is a registered teacher training course with Yoga Alliance and is recognised worldwide.