Here are our frequently asked questions… if you cannot find yours below, then do drop us a line contact and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

You do not need to have had attended a prior Yin Yoga Teacher training for the Fundamental Skills course, but you will need to have a strong motivation to want to learn Yin and the related fields of study on this course, and have read and familiarised yourself with ‘Insight Yoga’ by Sarah Powers prior to taking the course. It would be highly advisable to have taken some Yin classes prior to embarking on a Yin Teacher Training as well as having a dedicated yoga practice of at least two years. This course is not intended for students who do not have a yoga practice. In order to be eligible to attend the Advanced Yin Skills Training you will need to have attended a Level 1 Yin Yoga Teacher Training course with an approved Yin Yoga Teacher Trainer and have Sarah Lo’s approval to register for this course.

Yes you can. If you are a yoga student with a dedicated and consistent yoga practice you are able to attend the course to deepen your knowledge and experience. If you are a professional in a related field you may also be interested in how to weave this into a Yin Yoga practice too. You may not be qualified to teach Yin Yoga as a Yoga Teacher until you have completed a 200 hour Basic Yoga  Teacher Training program, depending where you intend to teach. In this instance you will still receive your Certificate of Attendance or Certificate of Completion. If you already have your basic 200 hour Teacher Training your additional hours from the course will count as Continuing Professional Development points depending on the Yoga school you are with. You will need to check this yourself with your own school.

Please purchase a hard copy of the book ‘Insight Yoga’ by Sarah Powers prior to your course. (Two versions of this book are available, both have a circle in the top left corner but there are different colours/publication versions – either version is fine to purchase; there is sometimes a price difference on book selling sites.)  Second hand copies are a good option too. Please also read the additional recommended book list in advance of the course to best prepare for your learning.

The courses are made up of contact and non contact hours.  Please refer specifically to the course you are signing up for as there may be variations between courses depending where it is being held.

If your course includes an assignment, you will have approximately one month to complete the written assignment (unless you have written consent directly from Sarah Lo to have an extension in exceptional circumstances). The assignment will be explained in full detail during the training, and the exact deadline date will be given to you. Your assignment will need to have demonstrated that you have dedicated the necessary reading and research time outside of the teaching hours to show sufficient understanding of the main principles of Yin. Please note not all courses have an assignment requirement and this will be clearly advertised at the start of the course.

Please read the course description carefully so that you understand what you are signing up for.  We cannot take responsibility for your decision to withdraw from a course should it not be to your liking or understanding.  Much of the work we do in these Yin Yoga Teacher Trainings is self-development work and will require your willingness and commitment to want to learn and practice in this way.

As this is an intensive there will not be the opportunity for any personal mentoring during the course itself, but post study there will be the possibility to arrange a personal mentoring or coaching session with Sarah either through Skype or FaceTime at additional cost, payable directly to Sarah Lo.

No it is not. This Yin Teacher Training incorporates elements from both Paul Grilley’s Anatomy Training and Sarah Powers’ Insight Yoga Training. Sarah Powers’ Teacher Training is a 10 day 100 hour residential course teaching Insight Yoga which covers Buddhist philosophy, deep Psychological enquiry and Mindfulness Meditation and inner methods. Sarah Lo is an endorsed Insight Yoga teacher and much of her teachings are Mindfulness based on Buddhist philosophy.

Yes Sarah Lo is a registered Teacher Trainer with Yoga Alliance USA and UK. The trainings are recognised qualifications worldwide. Your hours can be used towards your Continuing Professional Development. You will need to check with your own registered Body how to log your hours for advancement.

To obtain a Yin Yoga Certificate of completion for the particular course you are attending, you will need to have attended 100% of the training to comply with Yoga Alliance requirements, otherwise you will receive a Certificate of Attendance only for the number of hours attended. If there is space, it may be possible to attend the day missed when the course is next run or to to have a private session with Sarah or one of her Senior Assistants via Skype or FaceTime in order to make up the time. There would be an additional fee for this. Please write to Sarah@SarahLo.co.uk to enquire.

Provided you have maintained your commitment to the course, you will be given an opportunity to resubmit your assignment within a 2 week time frame. All assignments must be submitted directly to Sarah@SarahLo.co.uk

This is an accredited Teacher Training course with Yoga Alliance Professionals and is accredited and recognised worldwide.