This Yin Yoga Teacher Training is a 3day Intensive and is open to both yoga teachers and other professionals in related fields who have undertaken a  foundation Yin teacher training course, either with Sarah Lo or another approved Yin Yoga Teacher trainer. It will build upon previous training and go deeper into the concepts of Yin and your personal development as a teacher. Students who have completed all three modules of Sarah Lo’s Yin Yoga Trainings will receive a full 100 HOUR YIN YOGA TEACHER TRAINING CERTIFICATE.

Sarah Lo draws upon her work in this course as a Certified Life Coach having gained her Professional Coaching Certificate following her endorsement by Sarah Powers as an Insight Yoga Institute teacher, one of just a few in the world to receive this honour and her many years as a teacher of English, Speech and Drama in the Far East. In her earlier years as a young Business graduate in the City of London as a female Broker and later Underwriter in the 80s & 90s, she was just one of a few women who took the seat as an Underwriter against the norm.  Sarah’s more recent studies of Kinaesthetic Acuity with Donna Farhi and Chinese Medicine with Jo Phee have influenced her style and her love of works from Joanna Macy, Poetry by David Whyte and Neuroscience from Dan Siegel and Body Psychotherapy from Christine Caldwell

Yin Yoga:
Creative sequencing
Somatic sensing – interoception & proprioception

Mindfulness meditation practices
Befriending the inner critic
The four foundations of mindfulness – Buddhist applications
Cultivating compassion – friendship & forgiveness

Myofascial Release: 
Discovering stillpoints and trigger points
Using Stillpoint release balls

The role of the brain in happiness
Strengthening the positive neural networks

Yang Practices
Strength and stability
Muscle release balls

Chinese Medicine:
Chinese medicine body clock
Triple heater (Interstitial Fluid) and Pericardium meridians

Developing Teaching Skills:
Self regulation and self generation
Self practice vs class planning

This is a 3 day Yin Yoga Teacher Training Intensive and attendance in the entire program is required in order to receive a Yin Yoga Certificate of Completion from Sarah Lo Yin Yoga Teacher Training for 30 hours. Those who are unable to attend all of the sessions will be awarded a Certificate of Attendance based only on the hours attended. Please plan your time and travel accordingly in order to not miss any of the sessions.


Mentoring post study with Sarah Lo is available for additional support (at additional cost) and conducted via Skype or FaceTime.

There is an assessed assignment for this course where you will receive personal feedback from Sarah. This will be clearly explained on the course and should be sent directly by email to Sarah@SarahLo.co.uk within 1 month of completion of the training.  You will receive your result and Certificate by email about 1 month following this upon completion of the assignment which will need to demonstrate your research, reading and understanding of the course material. Your Certificate via email from Sarah Lo Yin Yoga Teacher Training.

Study and Reading

  • The material for this course will be announced when registration is open.

Full details releasing soon

Full details releasing soon.


New Level lll dates to be announced soon!