My teaching pedagogy

My teaching model…… One of my aspirations when I teach on teacher trainings is to include student teachers who have studied with me over and over again, and who I can see are dedicated in wanting to grow and share their experience with others in a deeper way, to come to trainings in a different role in assisting and supporting newer students. Many ask to assist and some I suggest the idea to. Prior to a teacher training we meet pre-training for several mentoring sessions to go over what goes on behind the scenes, how I prepare, what to expect, what not to expect, the list goes on. The mentoring sessions are provided freely for these dedicated students and my hope is that they too will one day run their own workshops and trainings and will now have had the support to do this with more confidence. In turn I hope they will share this teaching pedagogy for their dedicated students going forward. I don’t see this as competition, I see this as a way forward to carry on the teachings. I know I am not going to be teaching forever and I also know I had the privilege of study in so many fields which not everyone has had access to.