END OF FIRST EVER LIVE YIN YOGA TEACHER TRAINING ONLINE… Feeling deeply emotional at meeting and being close up with student teachers online for almost 30 hours. Together we shared an intimate space and a journey like none other before. I know I’ll not forget these days and these kindred spirits. Some of the first emails I’m reading tonight.

Dear Sarah

This is my first course with you, but definitely not my last….my experience of your first ‘Zoom  Course’ has definitely had a very positive and profound impact on me…your teaching is clear, professional,  and compassionate.  The days have been well planned and well structured, and whilst the content will take a lifetime to master!!! It was not overwhelming nor overloading like some courses that I have done.  For me this course was full of inspiration, joy, new enquiry/thought provoking, providing self analysis, self realisation not to mention all the information on Yin yoga & meditation.  I really loved the way that you included really useful and interesting articles to read, and found your choice of poems really heartfelt…the last four days has been a very special experience, and whilst it is sad not see everyone in person, it’s obviously afforded the opportunity for many of us to actually work with you using Zoom, as I would not have been able to take the time off work etc to come into London to do the course!!!

I would very much like to do teacher training 2 in July, and wondered if you had a space for me as I know you said you only had 8!left and I’m not sure if they have now been taken? Perhaps you can let me know, and I can register tonight!! Warmest wishes & deepest thanks for such an incredible 4 days!!