May 2018

Many thanks for a wonderful experience this week. The days didn’t feel like training, it all felt like a retreat, a holiday, a truly healing time for me for the full 4 days.

The things I particularly liked and will remember, in no particular order

Talking for 5 minutes and being heard
Your voice
Your words
The thingly bells thing you took round in meditation
The music in meditation
Your kindness
Your compassion
Your inspiration
How you expressed yourself
The structure of the days, where you said, eg choose your own yin pose, or come into shoelace, then you talked. So we were getting the benefit of the talk such as reasons, function and the sensations of the pose.
Moving on quickly on to next topics
A brilliant manual with so much helpful information – Id been looking for a few months which meridians helped hot flushes and your manual made it a lot clearer and easier to read than other books I’d read
And last but not least lots of chance to roll about on the floor!
There are many more wonderful aspects of the training…
May 2018