My Interest

My interest in yin yoga started about 12 months ago and has been developing ever since. I have RA which is an auto immune disease of the connective tissue effecting the joints and organs of the body. I read that yin yoga was particularly effective in promoting joint health and so I was keen to learn more. I attended a yin workshop with Sarah Lo and started to incorporate it into my home practise. I noticed positive results and as a result attended Sarah’s teacher training in November 2015.

During the first 2 days of course we practised a lot of liver and kidney poses and I was staggered by the results.

On a Monday evening I take my RA medication, Methotrexate, 2 hours after taking it I experience extreme discomfort in my torso, almost like there isn’t enough space for my organs. I normally take pain killers and go to bed early. On the Monday of the course I took my medication and was amazed that I had absolutely none of my normal side effects.


As a result of my experience I now do a 90 minute yin and meditation practise every Monday and I am happy to report that I am still side effect free.