So for me

So for me… i did my first workshop literally a few days after level 2 and everyone loved it – feedback was great and for some people has been quite transformational. I’ve also started to do weekly Yin classes and i really do appreciate the knowledge i have taken from you and your courses. The students are loving all the detail i am giving and actually feel they are learning about their own bodies and how they can ‘fix’ issues!

Thank you so much for such an insightful 4 days of teachings, learning and exploration in London in Feb. I found your approach to yin and sharing its breath of options, both on a physical and otherwise level, very open, inclusive and compassionate.

I have referred back to my notes often and feel subtle changes to my own practices which are immensely beneficial. I also very much enjoyed the Enneagram and hope it is an element you will bring to other training’s as I think it was successful in creating thought-provoking discussions and ideas.

I was delighted to receive my certificate and it was a little (and much needed) “pause” button on life generally to sit and just be. In a sense, it reminded me of what we had learned and discussed on the training and, with life in XXXX being a whole new world of sights, smells, sounds, thoughts and feelings, I think I needed a gentle reminder that home and stability amongst (albeit exciting) uncertainty, is most certainly within.

Your feedback was also very much appreciated and taken on-board as I plan yin classes for a retreat I am teaching on in August. Thank you for taking the time to share your insights.