This Yin Yoga Teacher Training includes Fundamental Skills for every Yin Yoga Teacher including learning how to teach Yin Yoga Asana Sequences for the Yin Yang organ pairs, Yoga Anatomy including skeletal variations of the pelvis, Mindfulness Meditation & Psychological Enquiry Practices, Introducing Chinese Meridian Theory, Posture Clinics & Practicals to learn how to adjust effectively and safely and experiential Yin Yoga Classes daily.

This is a Yin Yoga Teacher Training Fundamental Skills course. It is open to both yoga teachers and other professionals in related fields who have a dedicated yoga practice.

Yin Yoga Overview
Insight Yoga
Yin vs Yang – Taoist View
Chinese Meridian Theory overview
Sources and functions of Chi
Main Principles of Yin
Breath in Yin Yoga

Yin vs Yang tissues
Understanding safety and the arc of pain
Understanding Tension vs Compression
A functional approach to a Yin pose
Finding your Edge in a posture
Skeletal variations in the pelvis
Universal Laws of Alignment

The Four Foundations of Mindfulness
Meditation Postures
Mindfulness Meditation – Buddhist practices
Psychological Enquiry – Importance & Relevance to Yin
Aspiration & Visioning

Pranayama Practices for Yin & Yang Sequences
Teaching Short Yin Sequences for the Organ Pairs

  • Kidney & Bladder
  • Liver & Gallbladder
  • Spleen & Stomach
  • Lung & Large Intestine
  • Heart & Small Intestine

Modifications & Effective Use of Props
Counter poses & Rebounding of Chi
Adjustments in Posture Clinic work

This is a Yin Yoga Teacher Training and attendance in the entire program is required in order to receive a Certificate of Completion from Sarah Lo Yin Yoga Teacher Training for 40 hours. Those who are unable to attend all of the classes will be awarded a Certificate of Attendance based only on the hours attended. Please plan your time and travel accordingly in order to not miss any of the sessions.

10am to 5:30pm Daily – We will start promptly each day
Arrive from 9:30am to settle in
Lunch break is an hour each day from approximately 1:30pm

The schedule for the week will be explained on the first day and this will also be in your manuals.
Each day will include both lectures and an experiential practice of Yin Yoga, Pranayama and Mindfulness Meditation and Enquiry Practices as well as Practice Teaching Sessions and Practicals.

Mentoring or Coaching
Mentoring post study with Sarah Lo is optional (at additional cost) and available to do by Skype or FaceTime. Private consultations with Sarah during the week of the training is not possible.

January 22-25, 2018 Training in Milton Keynes

To qualify for this 50 hour training, there is a 1500word assignment which will be clearly explained on the course and should be sent directly by email to Sarah@SarahLo.co.uk within 1 month of completion of the training. You will receive your result about 1 month following this upon successful completion of a satisfactory assignment and your Certificate following this via email. No extensions are permissible without express written permission from Sarah Lo herself. If you should fail the standard required that demonstrates your reading and research and understanding of the course material, you will have an opportunity to resubmit your assignment within a 2week period after notification of such.

Students are required to read ‘Insight Yoga’ by Sarah Powers (available from Amazon.UK) and Mindfulness by Mark Williams and Danny Penman assigned for this training before they arrive. Reading this book is an integral part of the training so please purchase this upon registration of the course so you have plenty of time to read this before the training begins.

A teacher training manual with suggested articles will be handed out on the first day of class. Everyone will also be required to bring their own copy of Insight Yoga to class each day which will be used as part of this course.

  • Insight Yoga by Sarah Powers
  • Mindfulness by Mark Williams & Danny Penman

•Yin Yoga: Principles and Practice by Paul Grilley
•Yin Yoga by Bernie Clark

•Insight Yoga (DVD) by Sarah Powers
•Anatomy for Yoga (DVD) by Paul Grilley
•Yin Yoga (DVD) by Paul Grilley

PAYMENT/CANCELLATION POLICY: Your payment includes a £200 non-refundable administration fee. No refunds within 12 weeks of the start of the course. No exceptions. All cancellations must be made in writing to Sarah@SarahLo.co.uk. No refunds will be made for failure to attend or failure to complete the teacher training or withdrawal from the program due to unforeseen circumstances. No transfers to other courses or between students allowed. All refunds will be processed within 2 weeks following a program. The cancellation policy is firm. After registered payment, we will send you a confirmation of your booked spot. This will also act as your payment receipt. No other receipts will be provided.

LIMITATION OF LIABILITY: Sarah Lo &/or her Assistants &/or the hosting studio  cannot be responsible or liable for any injury, loss or damage of property, or disruption of any program due to circumstances beyond the control of Sarah Lo and/or the hosting studio.

RELEASE: I am aware that I may be included in photographs taken at any Sarah Lo event that may be used on www.SarahLo.co.uk and associated social media websites.

CODE OF CONDUCT: Over 80% of this course will be taught solely by Sarah Lo.  We undertake to provide you with a training that provides the highest professionalism and standard of training within the industry. It is your responsibility to understand that there is a code of conduct also expected from you as a student and that this is a course with a body of students and not a course designed for your own personal healing or treatment. There is no opportunity in a Teacher Training with a body of students for 1:1 time for individual help or personal mentoring.  If you decide to leave the course for personal reasons or find that the course does not meet with your expectations, it will be deemed to be your personal decision and the same cancellation policy will apply and you cannot expect a refund.

ACCEPTANCE: By registering for this course, it is understood that you are agreeing to these Terms and Conditions.


JULY 23-26, 2018

EARLY BIRD £550 until April 30th

FULL PRICE £620 thereafter

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Jan 22-25
Whitespace Studio, Milton Keynes SOLD OUT

March 3
YogaWorks, London – Book here

March 11
Triyoga, Camden – Book here

March 26-29
StudioOne Islington, London     SOLD OUT

May 28-31
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June 28-July1
Hot Yoga Studio, Dublin   Book Here

December 8-11
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