Mentoring & Coaching

Sarah Lo is a Certified mentor and coach and has been mentoring her students for the past 15 years.

Sarah also offers a comprehensive 50 hour online Level 4 Yoga Mentorship.

Sarah Lo is a Certified Professional Life Coach (PCC) graduating from New Ventures West/Thirdspace coaching as an Integral Development Coach and is also a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF).  She has coached hundreds of professionals from a wide range of backgrounds to find ways  to meet their full potential and aspirations by formulating clearer pathways transitioning towards them.

Life Coaching or Mentoring is an essential mental health check in for everyone.

Some people wish to work towards specific outcomes that they have already  identified and some want to explore several ongoing issues they are aware of without knowing the exact outcome they wish to achieve. Recognising our own capacity for change and also seeing our blind spots is difficult for everyone.

A Professional Life Coach helps reflect what you are not seeing or noticing about yourself.  Life Coaching and Mentoring is self-developmental work. Working in this way can be aimed at meeting clear criteria or aims that you wish to achieve and to help formulate new practices that will help you achieve your wider aspirations. You can expect to meet specific outcomes that you wish for in your life and discover your potential in a fresh new way. Life Coaching works best over an agreed amount of sessions that feels feasible and sustainable for your particular life. In just one session, you will feel the benefit of having being fully seen and heard. There are no set criteria. Your plan will be specific and goal oriented for you.

Mentoring/Coaching Sessions – Sarah offers individual hourly mentor sessions for those needing to touch base or in need of support. Please email the or for details.


“Self development is a life long process.  We can keep learning and studying, continuing to grow horizontally but never reaching the depth of understanding of ourselves that we often crave. Coaching can enable us to grow vertically with a greater depth of understanding of ourselves and consequently of others.  It’s really hard to see our own blind spots and coaching is a beautiful way of  helping us to reach our potential and to grow into our authentic selves enabling us to be more at ease in our lives with ourselves and others” – Sarah Lo


Here’s what some of my clients have said about my coaching.

Did you find the coaching sessions beneficial? If so, can you explain why? 

* I did find the coaching sessions beneficial.  It helped me to clarify and put things into perspective, plus to target goals.

* I loved my coaching sessions with Sarah. I felt held, heard, listened too and seen. Sarah is very balanced and maintains both feminine and masculine energy beautifully. It was a transformational experience from session 1 to the final time. 

If you had to describe coaching to a friend or colleague, what would you say this was like?

* I would say coaching was like being truly listened to.  Coaching is not like counselling or therapy, as there is a two way exchange.  What you have said is processed and returned to you in an intelligent and sometimes challenging format. I felt I saw seen as a whole person.

* Being in a situation where you can be truly yourself, not holding back. as raw and honest and real as you can allow yourself to be. there is no judgment, no resistance and only the invitation to be fully yourself and reveal who that truly is to yourself. Integrative coaching is a space of grace and nurture. 

Could you say what it was like to be coached by Sarah Lo? 

* Sarah Lo is a gifted listener, and also wise and intuitive. Her input has been invaluable.  I especially appreciated having my qualities highlighted, sometimes these are difficult to see for yourself.

* I felt held by Sarah. and at the same time gently pushed. Out of my comfort zone and encouraged to go farther than my intellectual mind wanted too. She supported me in getting in touch with my heart, so the truth emerged and my mind was tamed. she is incredibly balanced and skilled at this work.

Would you be happy to say a few words that could be used as testimony to your coaching experience with Sarah so that others might benefit too?

* I would not hesitate in recommending Sarah Lo as a coach.  Her wisdom, insight and projections have been of enormous value.

* Please use all of the above freely and with my pleasure I would highly recommend Sarah to any of my friends and family who are seeking a shift from a current state of dis- ease to one of expansion and balance.