Yoga Teacher

First time was when I attended one of your workshops and we were asked to speak from the heart about a pain we were holding – I cant remember what I thought I was going to say, but totally surprised myself by talking about how lonely I can feel – giving me stuff to think about.
Second time was when I thought I was meeting to learn adjustments, and as well was asked to speak about how I was feeling – totes good as I did not have time to prepare what I thought I ‘should’ say :}:}:}
Thirdly – this Saturday I had already decided what I was going to do with my childhood picture and something completely different came up – I played with my late Father (we share a birthday & bad relationship), and just for those few minutes it was so good to reconnect, acknowledge his vulnerabilities and challenges…….obz something I really needed to do, but had no idea it was lurking……..In my journal I wrote A whole weight lifted A whole life shifted So THANK YOU! :}:}:}:}:}